Saklıkent Canyon – Mugla

Saklıkent Canyon – Mugla

Saklıkent Canyon – Mugla

This ravine, 30 kilometers southeast from Fethiye, is cut deeply into the mountains of the Akdaglar mountain range. Most visitors come to admire the scenery of soaring cliffs on a hike inside the gorge.

The trail into the gorge follows a wooden boardwalk along the cliffside, set high above the river. The last section of the trail is reached by fording the swift-running river itself and then walking through the narrow fissure to the waterfall at the end.

Cushion-strewn teahouses are set beside the river, both at the entrance to the gorge and inside the gorge at the base where hikers ford the river.

There are also canyoning and rafting trips along the river for the more actively inclined visitor.

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